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How to input music notes

This Sheet Music shows how the notes start their travel to sound. This is an ordinary g key note sheet with five lines. Each line and help lines have a number seen on the left hand side. This number is a referance to the actual note on the fretboard. Each measure consist of sixteen beats.  To play a new piece of music we just copy notes from an ordinary note sheet into this note sheet measure by measure. On each beat for each note there will be a code of two or three characters (xy or xyz).
Note Code:
x=number of simultanusly notes, 1-9
y=note duration (w, h, q, e, s, H, Q, E)
w -> whole note - 16/16
h -> half  note - 8/16,         H -> doted half note - 12/16
q -> quarter  note - 4/16,  Q -> doted quarter note - 6/16
e -> eight  note - 2/16,       E -> doted eigth note - 3/16
s -> sixth  note - 1/16
Rest:  z=r
Sharp and b: z=# - half tone up,  z=b - half tone down